Join Aspen Community in some Holiday Jolliness until Winter Break. 

11/28: Pajama Day

11/29: Jersey Day

11/30: Spirit Day- Wear School Colors

12/1: Holiday Socks

12/2: Holiday Pajamas

12/5: Holiday Hats

12/6: Holiday Sweatshirt/Sweater

12/7: Dress like a Candy Cane

12/8: Wear Winter White

12/9: Wear Jingle Bells

12/12: Dress like an Elf

12/13: Dress like Your Favorite Christmas Carol

12/14: Dress like a Reindeer

12/15: Dress in Red and Green

12/16: Make Yourself into a Gift- Wear Ribbons and Bows

*These calendars were created by Principal Tina Morris, KIVA Students and our DLC Rebecca Casaus.