New! Cell Phone Policy UPDATE

Aspen recognizes the importance of  communication and collaboration. To keep the focus on academics and to reduce unnecessary distractions, our school needs to enforce “Off and Away for the day” with the following:

  • Cell phones and all mobile devices shall be TURNED OFF  when entering school campus. They must remain off until the end of the school day at 3:10. 

  • Cell phones must be away during the school day;  stored in the student’s backpack in their locker. They may not be kept on a student’s person.

  • If a student needs to make an emergency call during the day, they are to come to the office for assistance. 

  • If family members need to reach a student they may contact the office @ (505)467-4500. Office staff will then reach the student or the student’s teacher. 


1st infraction - Student will put the phone in their backpack from then on to be kept “Off and Away”, under supervision of teacher, security, or admin. Students sign infraction but parents aren’t notified.

2nd infraction - Admin communication to parent/guardian, Device will be sent to office and given to parent or guardian when they sign violation incident policy.

3rd infraction -Admin Communication to parent/guardian, device will be given to parent or guardian when they sign violation incident policy and keep phone at home  for the remainder of the quarter or device will be checked in daily  until end of the quarter