Welcome to Aspen Community Magnet School!

Our school offers a Science based hands on inquiry curriculum in physical and earth science through the use of science kits and allows for literacy to be supported through science. We are grateful to have an on-site literacy coach, who is able to offer professional development and mentoring in the area of science and literacy.

Our school also uses MyMath program, which is a comprehensive math program and uses Teacher’s College Reading and WritingWorkshop to enable students to become avid readers, writers, and inquirers. Through the use of formative assessments and supporting content- area literacy our students are placed in appropriate reading levels and advance several levels a year.

We have a wonderful volunteer program throughout all grade levels, which includes the Foster Grandparent program. Some of our volunteers help in our Reading and Comprehension Advancement Program (ReCAP), which focuses on an individualized reading program for our students. Our after school program is offered by the YMCA and allow for students to participate in activities that focus on literacy, science, math and character development.

Educating the future leaders of the world!

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