Our Compelling Purpose

An Aspen education is defined by connectedness. We learn in community, immersing students in real world projects that support them in becoming scholars, explorers, collaborators and innovators. We value the community as a critical part of children’s education, a place to learn empathy, to seek common ground, to lead toward a vision of community good and to make a difference. Aspen students see themselves as scholars who are interdependent with each other, their community and the natural world.

Aspen Wisdom

In an aspen grove, the trees grow strong and tall reaching for the sky. Below ground, they become one interconnected set of roots. When an individual tree is in need, the grove’s roots rush nutrients to it. Trees near water share it with those trees farther away. The aspen grove offers connection with its shared roots that helps all the trees thrive.

10 Principles of Practice that all Teachers adhere to

•      collaboratively build curriculum with shared expectations for students

•      develop rich interdisciplinary project based units

•      integrate the arts and STEM practices as critical parts of deeper learning

•      nurture positive relationships

•      ensure student voice is heard in classroom and building decisions

•      develop students as classroom and community leaders

•      build family partnerships as essential co-creators of the learning community

•      cultivate a culture of scholarship, helping students feel urgency and pride in 

doing quality meaningful work

•      ensure the walls of the building reflect and celebrate excellence 

•      create spaces indoors and out that allow for movement, investigation, 

collaboration, and celebration

Communities in Schools

Resources are available for any family that needs basic needs support
(food, emergency funds, etc)

Aspen's CIS coordinator is Emily Morgan

505.225.3674 (Work Cell)


Aspen Community Parent Teacher Organization

We have a wonderful and appreciated Parent Teacher Organization here at Aspen Community School! Please follow them on Facebook @AspenSchoolPTO to learn the latest information about their dynamic, successful, and really fun fundraisers and activities!