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Introducing our administrative team

Dr. Linda Besett
Aspen Community School Principal


Mr. Charles Lee
Aspen Community School Assistant Principal

Linda Besett Charles Lee

We welcome any chance to visit with any students, parents, or community members!  Please feel free to contact us via email by clicking our names below, call us at the number listed, or simply drop by!

Dr. Linda Besett

Mr. Charles Lee



Aspen Community School, in collaboration with families and community, fosters joyful, life-long learners who are prepared
through enriched inquiry-based learning opportunities to become leaders who create tomorrow’s innovative solutions.

Aspen Anti-bullying Task Force 
Mission: To ensure all students are free from bullying at all times through the creation of proactive strategies and programs that utilize Aspen staff and Aspen volunteers. 
Members: Parents, Teachers, Community Members
Time: 5:00pm to 6:00pm on the last Wednesday of every month
Location: Aspen Conference Room
Please attend these meetings to help identify any and all cases of bullying and to create systems to ensure no student at Aspen ever has to feel the effects of bullying. For more information, please call 467-4500


7th Grade Aspen Student, Geronimo, proudly looking on his accomplishment - a completed Infento Kit, provided by Dr. Rich. Great job, Geronimo and thank you Dr. Rich!